Files updated November 5, 2017
Please see the Codeplug Change Log

Please note: if you are new to the system please review the etiquette page as well as the talkgroup page for information on best practices as well as what talkgroups are on what timeslot.  Understanding the system will make the experience better for everyone. These codeplugs are intended as a starting point for you to modify and customize.  Enjoy learning how to program your own radio.


Anytone D858
Connect Systems CS700
Connect Systems CS750
Motorola XPR6550
Motorola XPR7550
Tytera MD-380


Connect Systems CS800
Connect Systems CS800D
Motorola XPR4550 high power
Motorola XPR5550 high power

If you write a codeplug that you would like to share or if you find an error in a codeplug, please contact us.  Please note that some of these files may contain some non-DMRVA repeaters of interest (NCPRN, Brandmeister, new repeaters in planning stages, etc).