DMRVA portable repeater to support JOTA event

On October 20-22, 2017 the DMRVA portable repeater will deploy to Camp Albright in Chesterfield County to support the scouting community and their JOTA activities.

The portable repeater will be active on 444.5375 MHz on site.  Primary TG’s will be TAC 310 on TS1 and JOTA (907) on TS2, with both configured as always on.  All other TG’s will be set for PTT for this event.  Please note this talkgroup configuration is ONLY for the portable repeater and the JOTA TG will not be available on other DMRVA repeaters at this time.  Full details are below.

RVAHams in conjunction with Richmond Amateur Radio Club and Richmond Amateur Radio Telecommunications Society have joined together in an effort to bring the local Scouting community the opportunity to share ideas and Scouting experience with their scouting peers around the world using two-way amateur radio. This year is the 6oth Jamboree on the Air , while the event is nationwide, local scouts at Camp Albright will be talking on HF, Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) on Brandmeister Talk-group 907 and on TAC310. There are amateurs planning to utilize PSK31, D-Star Radio and other modes of communication. This event held annually is this coming weekend, October 21st, scouts who make contacts will be given the 60th Annual JOTA Patch to commemorate their experiences. Thanks the Boy Scouts of America for allowing us the opportunity to hold this event for the many Scouts. Thanks to the Amateurs who are volunteering and to the local clubs and repater operators for their continued support of Scouting.

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